On the afternoon of Wednesday, May 24th 2017, KG Communications’ Product Development Engineer, Derrick Guzman was en route to Merced, CA just south of the California Highway 99 and 152 junctions when the office notified him of a bad traffic situation that had just appeared on the Fleet Complete Tracking screen in the office.  Just minutes prior, a spectacular crash and explosion had happened on the connector between the two highways that had resulted in grass fires and black smoke making driving any direction on either highway impossible.  Because the Fleet Complete application is constantly updated with traffic conditions, Sandra Rios immediately noticed the situation.  Using the integrated Instant Voice Communication, IVC on her Fleet Complete console, she was able to alert Mr Guzman of the traffic situation ahead of him and assisted him in diverting around the upcoming road closure.  Rather than being trapped and at a standstill as were many other motorists, Derrick made it to Merced safely and with only a minor delay.

Fleet Complete is a Fleet Management system sold by KG Communications of Clovis, CA.  The system does much more than track vehicles and provide traffic conditions.  It is designed to provide a complete fleet management system for business, including Drivers Logs and FMCSA compliance as well as dispatching jobs, routes and handling invoicing and vehicle maintenance.

On this occasion, it simply saved hours of time and reduced one driver’s exposure to an explosive situation.


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