What a Great Idea!

We have all experienced an internet outage.  It’s a pain.  You are usually in the middle of doing something when it happens.  Anxiety comes...


I am intrigued by how the word, “smart” is used. In some cases, it means “well educated”, in others it means “capable”. Sometimes it...

BYOD: 10 reasons it won’t work for your business

Bring your own device (BYOD) may hold out the promise of cheaper, more flexible IT, but it won't work for every company - here...


What's in a word? These days, words can have many meanings.  Society is diverse, technology continues to explode with new influences in our lives...

Our Company

KG Communications is based in Clovis, CA in the very center of the state. Its offices on Gettysburg Avenue Logo retina mobilehouse the Corporate Headquarters, Sales Operations, Engineering and Customer Care facilities of the company. Off-shore networking technical services is based in Honolulu, HI. KG Communications also has supply elements in Fredericksburg, TX and St. Louis, MO. Sales and customer service representatives are numerous around the western US and Hawaii.

KG Communications has secured a powerful partner in AT&T by qualifying to become one of the few AT&T Partner Exchange Solutions Providers. Having the backing of AT&T, the AT&T Foundry, a world-class team of engineers, developers, sales operations experts and deployment team members at AT&T, KG Communications has the ability to deliver powerful business solutions. From products rooted in the best digital network in the world to the best 4G LTE network to Cloud products, the combination of KG’s experience and success coupled with the strength and quality of AT&T, KG Communications delivers the best in business communications solutions.

Our People

Sandra Rios - Mancillas

Sandra Rios-Mancillas

Lisa Wills

Lisa Wills

Darin Alvord

Darin Alvord

Ken Gilstrap

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